A downloadable piece of garbage for Windows

Hey there folks.

I was in a developer's sink. I was uninspired. Didn't want to make any games. But right before I got tired of making games, I made this.

Top down, shooter, not great graphics, no great sound, no levels, bosses.

- 3 enemy types

- 3 powerups

- 1 playable character

- no bosses

- no levels

In short, I have no idea why you should play. This game is as boring as the soundtrack it has. I'll get back to developing soon.

Why are you still reading this?


StatusOn hold
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars

Install instructions

So, you want to actually do it?

Well, if you can get to 6000, screenshot, and email it to me. (charlesxiv944@gmail.com)

I'll dedicate my next game to you.


Shoot.exe 2 MB
beat1.wav 688 kB


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I really like this game!

Wow, really??? Glad to hear it!
I'm currently active on another itch.io account (https://charlemania.itch.io/), but I'm happy to hear that folks are still looking at this one XD